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Since 1998, dBumper has helped bumper recyclers identify their bumpers, inventory their bumpers, and price their bumpers.  Over the years, we have added many new features that bumper recyclers requested.

  • You wanted a way to keep track of your inventory, so we added that feature.
  • You wanted to create files that are required by the different collision estimating companies, so we added that feature. 
  • You wanted to upload your inventory to your website, so we added that feature.

Developing all of this, of course, costs money.

Bumper recycling peaked around 2007 and has been declining since then.  Many bumper recyclers have gone out of business.  With fewer and fewer dBumper customers, the revenue generated from dBumper subscriptions is not enough to offset the cost of the PartsLink data and the development costs.

We have always relied on dBumper customers to submit pictures and stamped numbers.  Now, no one is submitting any bumper information.  This lowers the value and quality of dBumper data.

So, we have decided to put a “sunset date” on dBumper.  We won’t be doing any more development on dBumper, but we will continue to update the dBumper data until June 30, 2015.  This should allow plenty of time for you to find alternatives to dBumper and, if we are hosting your website, it will give you time to move your website and email to another hosting company.

(paid in advance)


Add additional networked computers for only $29/month for each additional computer

$19/month for website setup
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dBumper Stats

Total Parts 17,339
Total Bumper Covers 9,902
Parts with Pictures 10,406
Bumpers with Pictures 8,157
Parts with Stamped Numbers 4,021

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